A native of the Midwest, I have lived in Knoxville for more than 15 years. I wish I could say that I was born with a camera in my hand and that I won the eighth grade photography contest when I was in the third grade. But I can’t. Virtually all of my experience in photography has evolved since buying my first digital camera in 2002. Since then, I’ve intensively studied all aspects of photography, including digital (color, B&W and infrared) and large format film cameras. As a Ph.D. chemist, I am fascinated by the combination of art and science that creates a photographic image.

My goal is to simultaneously capture the natural beauty of a scene and challenge the viewerís eye with subtle distortions that create visual impact. I do this with a variety of techniques, including wide angle and perspective control lenses, composite imaging and differential editing. Often, the end result is a landscape that is intentionally unbalanced to represent the unbalanced world I see, but at the same time, my images remain faithful to the original scene.

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